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Experience Mexico and its Finest There are more than one reason why people want to go to Mexico. Humble as it seems, this place is rich in culture and historical landmarks for people to experience. In order to fully enjoy your Mexican holiday and experience an uninterrupted holiday, seek out luxury boutique accommodations in Mexico. Mexico’s luxury hotels have excellent facilities and customer service to offer. Merida at its Best One of the must-see places when in Mexico is Merida, which is the principal city of the Yucatan Peninsula. The city offers a lot of educational insights. If you are looking to become a part of the Mexican’s way of life, Merida is where you should be. You will find different attractions such as theaters, plazas, restaurants, and famous museums. You will also find some historic Mayan ruins in some of the areas in Campeche.
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Walking expedition You can go sightseeing around the city to explore the splendor of Mexico. You can start-off by stopping over at the “House of Montejo” . This is one way to become knowledgeable about Mexican history. You can also join a guided tour to take you around the city. Your tour guide will know where you can find most of the city’s historical and popular landmarks. They might even take you to restaurants where you will be able to taste the finest Mexican cuisine. Take part in festival events Merida is popular for being the host of great festivities. One great festival that is most attended is their Fiesta de los Parachicos or Fiesta de Enero. You will get to see lengthy processions as well as people in their colorful outfits and masks. Special programs are held as well on the feast days of three religious saints — the Black Christ of Esquipulas, Jan. 8; San Antonio Abas, Jan. 17; San Sebastian, Jan. 20. One other popular Merida festival is the Migratory Birds Festival. This festival includes seminars, conferences, and bird-watching excursions every morning to several places such as Merida La Tovara. You be able to encounter several rare birds such as the Northern Jacanas, mottled owls, purple gallinules, to name just a few. There will as well be activities in the main plaza that feature customary dance performances by the local inhabitants. If you are thinking about taking your loved ones to these places, it is recommended that you look for the best accommodation. Mexico is an expansive place and it will take several days to see all the sights. Plan as early as you can and ensure the place you will be staying at has the finest facilities and the best customer service to offer. You can also seek out luxury hotels in Merida if you wish to make your family holiday an unforgettable experience.