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Secrets of Amsterdam, the Truth – Chapter 1

Amsterdam has a high proportion of ethnic minorities compared with the rest of Europe, currently 45%. The population register now contains over 150 different nationalities. In ten years' time half the population will be of foreign origin.

The City spends substantive sums to prevent the formation of ghettos in boroughs with an over-representation of ethnic minorities. A Social Diversity Policy paper published in the summer of 1998 will give new impetus to the City's minorities strategy. It will deal with any groups who might suffer social discrimination. Article 1 of the Dutch Constitution forbids discrimination on the grounds of a person's beliefs, race or sexual preferences. In 1996 the Municipality of Amsterdam added its own code of conduct for local authority staff to this Article, plus a complaints scheme and an anti-discrimination office. The ethnic composition of the civil service in the city must reflect the population of the city. The main ethnic minority groups are Creoles and Hindustanis from Surinam (72,000), Moroccans (57,000), Turks (35,000) and immigrants from the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba (12,000). Amsterdam also contains around 26,000 Chinese, and has its own 'Chinatown', located in the Nieuwmarkt area. In 2000, the first Chinese Buddhist temple opened on Zeedijk. There are also around 76,000 migrants from other non-industrialized countries, such as Ghana and Pakistan. The local Salto cable network transmits programs made for and by immigrants on the Amsterdam TV Broadcasting Association for Immigrants (MTV). The Municipality has installed five advisory bodies to assist it in its migrants' policy.

The policy on women

Support for the emancipation of women and of people who are subject to discrimination based on their sexual preferences is part of the city's policy. The city pursues a specific emancipation policy and in 1995 installed the Ombudsman Service for Women to deal with complaints …

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For Accommodations: RevPar and ARR Discussed

How a lot of hoteliers understand and make use of RevPar and ARR? What do they indicate and how can they advantage a hotel in final decision building for foreseeable future revenue growth and profitability?

ARR = Regular Space Level
RevPar = Revenue For each Offered Space

Let us choose an instance of a 50 bed room hotel which has offered 30 bedrooms at a hundred per room, and has twenty rooms unsold.
The ARR is a hundred x 30 = 3000 divided by 30 = a hundred per room
The RevPar is a hundred x 30 = 3000 divided by 50 = 60 per room

Two absolutely unique figures. ARR just takes an regular of the rooms which have been offered. RevPar takes an regular of the rooms offered and the rooms unsold.

In hunting for a dependable measure of how a hotel is undertaking on premiums and revenue, ARR produces an inflated perception of the serious figures, whilst RevPar offers a correct photo of revenue accomplished from accommodation readily available ie. overall capacity.

So how do motels use this to their gain? There a selection of methods at hunting at revenue era eg.
(one) reduce the charge and promote 50 rooms at eighty = 4000 with a RevPar of eighty
(two) promote 30 rooms at a hundred per room, then reduce the charge to promote a lot more rooms increasing the overall turnover and RevPar
The final decision for hoteliers is how to use need in their region, to flex premiums, to match need and premiums to optimise occupancy and revenue, and to be hunting to achieve the finest RevPar they can.…

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