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Why Is not Your Book Profitable? 10 Reasons

You spent a lot of time and energy on your book – your labor of love. You even had it professionally edited. But, often hidden reasons do not surface, or you are simply unaware of your actions and attitude that stop your book's success.

Here's 10 reasons why your book is not "Over-the-Top" successful.

1. You do not specifically define what you want your profits to do for you.

Does it mean taking a month's vacation each year, buying a home, paying your child's college tuition? Be sure you know what your money target is and what it will do for you before you chase it. It's all important to have a goal beyond just the money. Money is just the means to the real life goals.

2. You shotgun your promotion efforts and do not focus on one or two books.

So many times I hear collections adding another book, CD, or other product to their offerings. Just remember, you can only market one thing at a time well. Presenting too many products and making too many offers confuses your would-be buyer.

3. You set goals far too unreachable in the time allotted.

While it's great to set goals, make sure you will move forward to the finish line. Stretch, but define your goal in reasonable terms so you believe you can reach it. Like a huge weight loss in six months, it does not make sense to say, "I'll make a million dollars with this project." When you take a step and succeed at it, you'll feel confident you can keep succeeding. Remember after the goal, you have to "show up" and do the high-level activities.

4. You think your book project to death.

So many of us plan and plan, but do not act enough. Think about …

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