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Baleens Hotel: Beautiful, Affordable Hermanus Accommodation

Hermanus is a little town in South Africa known primarily for being home to some of the world’s most beloved creatures: whales. Over the years, Hermanus has become a popular spot on the map and has seen an increase in tourism income. Because of its unique location that allows it to see play host to whales of all shapes and sizes, the town has grown in size in the last decade, with visitors from near and far flocking to the region to experience firsthand its famed charm and beauty. Whatever Hermanus accommodation you choose, you’re bound to have a great time here.

Beautiful is indeed how anyone who’s ever been to this part of The Dark Continent would describe Hermanus, with its unparalleled scenic attractiveness, upmarket shops, interesting history, and modern infrastructure. This quiet town’s year is never complete without the Whale Festival, the busiest day on the locals’ calendar. While Hermanus is now widely considered a cosmopolitan town, it has successfully retained its Fisherman’s Village heritage, with craft markets selling an array of fascinating wares, a marimba band lending a livelier atmosphere, and the harbor filling in with new and old fishing boats for that picture-perfect background.

One of the best things about being in the region is the chance to explore the different accommodations available. There are a number of hotels and inns and B&Bs you can choose from, each with special features to boast of. Of course, while any Hermanus accommodation promises to give you a memorable stay, there are some that truly stand out from the rest.

One of these is Baleens, a privately owned hotel that is located one road away from the beach in Voelkip, which stretches for over 20 kilometers. Small in size, the hotel also takes pride in its distance from the …

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