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Investment Opportunities in Serviced Accommodation

This type of company is generally a disruptive business. The Ford Model T revolutionised the car industry; Dyson did the same for the vacuum cleaner; Amazon took advantage of the Internet to change the way we purchased books all sorts of other products; and now AirBnB have made it simple to book accommodation not in hotels but in people’s homes.

Who does not like to be nosy by looking at how other people live and how their homes reflect their lifestyle and personal taste in home decor and furnishings? It seems therefore that AirBnB really did hit the sweet spot.

While most people will have stayed in a hotel at sometime in their life, they now accept that there are alternative accommodations. The term “serviced accommodation” relates to property that delivers somewhere to eat and sleep but in a property that offers the much more than a conventional hotel by including a fully fitted kitchen, a lounge area in which to relax and additional bedrooms for the rest of the family all within one property that will offer a “home from home” experience.

They have raised the bar so this type of accommodation is now what most people when traveling for both business and pleasure want to stay in. They want somewhere that is flexible so they can stay for a night, or longer; and where they can enjoy spacious accommodation, home comforts, the opportunity to cook a meal to save the cost of eating out at a restaurant; the chance to catch up on their washing and above all, the opportunity to share their experiences with the host, as and when they are resident.

The other contributor to the success of serviced accommodation has been technology. Without this it would not have been possible for the model to gain …

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You’re Treated Like Family At Sandals Royal Plantation

From September 24 – 29 we had the privilege of staying at the boutique style Sandals Royal Plantation Resort & Spa, where prior to arriving, we always heard so much about it, but now had the opportunity to experience the vacation property in person.

The first thing you will experience when you touch down in the Montego Bay airport, which is always a welcome treat is the private check-in room that is full of iced cold beverages, snacks, and a relaxing atmosphere that is just what you need to prepare you for your journey. Then off you go to your Sandals Resort destination in a comfortable private transfer van where you will have an opportunity to talk to a few other guests that are also anticipating the arrival at the resort.

The First Thing That Catches Your Eyes Is The Spectacular Entrance!

The moment you drive into the Sandals Royal Plantation entrance the first thing you will notice is how beautiful the grounds are, and how well maintained it is with a spectacular center fountain spouting out water in all directions. As you proceed through the intimate lobby area you’re warmly greeted by passionate and friendly resort staff with a refreshing cool towel that has the smell of lemongrass. This is when reality kicks in and you immediately realize that you have just arrived! As the Sandals staff make it clear to you that they are your family for the duration of your stay.

The Rooms Were Spacious, Clean, and Very Comfortable

When first entering the room, they are very nice, spacious, and clean. We were told they were going through remodelling and are going to be upgrading all the rooms to make them even nicer than they already are now. If you have ever travelled and were worried about …

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Arenal Volcano – Nature's Own Fireworks

There are many things to see and do in the Arenal area. But none of them would be there if not for the main attraction: the explosive lava flows of Arenal Vocano.

Arenal Volcano is currently celebrating 39 years of continuous eruptions after a very long 400 year sleep. Since that initial and deadly eruption on June 29, 1968 – the result of a massive earthquake – the volcano has been producing huge ash columns, explosions & glowing red lava almost every day. Unfortunately, you can not see any of this from a safe distance during the day (a few people have died trying …).

But on a clear night, it's a different story altogether. Lava and glowing hot boulders shoot into the air and then smash down onto the mountain, exploding and creating a fireworks show visible for miles around.

While the original 1968 eruption wiped out the entire populations of the villages of Tabacon and Pueblo Nuevo, there have not been any really dangerous eruptions since. But since the lava flows have been constant and visible ever since (although visibility is truly weather dependent), Geologists consider Arenal Volcano one of the ten most active volcanoes in the world and the single most active in Costa Rica.

Since the eruptions are only visible at night, a myriad of activities has cropped up to keep you entertained during the day.

Take a relaxing hot spring bath at the Tabacon or Baldi hotels (signs for both are all over the area). Take a heart pounding zip line tour over the rainforest canopy. Rent an ATV for a couple of hours and explore the areas many secluded trails. Or do the same on a bicycle.

If you like the outdoors, you will not be bored in the Arenal area.

Things you should …

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Travel Bags – How to Opt for Travel Luggage For Seniors

Is obtaining a travel bag for seniors any different than obtaining travel luggage for a man or lady in their twenties, thirties, or forties? When you communicate to seniors, or if you read niche senior weblogs or age-centric publications, you’ll find out right away that seniors have different sets of obtaining criteria than all those who are 50 % their age.

Subsequent are 4 crucial options that seniors want when they are deciding on suitcases and luggage.

· Seniors choose investing in leather-based travel bags as opposed to plastic, vinyl, fabric, or gentle-sided supplies. Why? They get it at the time and it will last for the remainder of their life span. Other types of supplies can rip, tear, or get harmed. Almost never does that happen with a leather-based bag. Additionally, if it can be insured, seniors will recoup a much larger financial amount just simply because it can be leather-based and it most likely has a lengthier life span guarantee.

· This in all probability goes without saying, but most seniors choose to invest in wheeled luggage. The seniors’ bones, muscle tissue and bodily limitations usually are not recognized as a lot when they can wheel a travel bag all around, as opposed to loading it up with their possessions and seeking to have it by way of airport terminals, or all around a town that they are traveling in.

· Certainly not each and every senior has Alzheimer’s but by monogramming their luggage with both their initials or their first initial and their last title, it can be just one additional way of assuring the senior and his or her family members that if the senior’s baggage is lost or stolen, that it can be returned with a lot additional likelihood.

· Seniors adore possessing a ton …

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A Wonderful Irish Golfing Vacation Spot

Those that enjoy a round of golf will make sure that wherever they go on vacation has access to a good course. Ireland is fast becoming the number one destination for golfing enthusiasts. You may be wondering right about now why so many are flocking to Ireland, well, they have some of the best golfing facilities in the world. There are both links and parkland course to satisfy even the most discerning of golfers.

There is a course that is over a century old north west of Sligo. This is recognized as one of the most demanding courses in the world, and for decades now accomplished golfers have taken on this course with the sole intention of lowering their score for the round. It also plays host to a range of prestigious golf tournaments.

A golfing vacation is not much fun for the rest of the family, but Sligo had plenty to offer them too, so you can happily go and play our golf knowing that your family are being entertained too.

If your family loves wildlife and nature, they are going to love Sligo. Seeing birds of prey in their natural habitat is a rare treat, but the largest sanctuary in Ireland gives you this opportunity. Rare breeds of animals can also be seen up close at Woodville farm.

When you are not on the golf course, a great pastime for the whole family to take part in is horse riding. Depending on your experience, you can either gallop across the beaches or take a slow ride through the lovely countryside.

Eating out and trying new food is always a highlight of vacations, and in Ireland you are literally spoiled for choice. Fine restaurants offer both famous local cuisine as well as famous dishes from around the world. It …

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Tips on Making Money Online With Paid Surveys For Cash Through Consumer Panels

Being a member of online paid consumer panels has completely improved my life. What that is about is giving your opinion about the shopping habits you have, the types of movies you like, what you do for a living, and sometimes sometimes if you'd like some free products, just for your time. I'm talking about Free Online Paid Surveys, that will come to your inbox, via email. You might have taken a survey at an office building trying out some new sandwich coming out on the market and made $ 75, with your travel compensated. These are mainly online surveys you view on your computer. Sometimes these survey panels will call you. What this breaks down to is they will pay you cash, or rewards for your opinion.

The reason they can give out money like this, is your opinion is like gold to them. These panels share your info, anonymously with other companies, so that they can make better products and services for you, and often more money for them. Everyone wins.

I've had to take surveys online after losing jobs, or becoming too disabled to work. They helped me earn a little bit of money, before I lost my apartment, and my mind. Now you might think you can get rich of this little adventure, like all those advertisements you see "Make $ 75 an hour taking surveys," or "You can make $ 2,000 a week by checking my email." As much as you can make $ 75 on 1 survey, those usually are a week long event, and multiple sessions. Most of the average surveys you will take that are legitimate, are from $ 1 to $ 5 even a $ 20 survey from time to time.

Granted these take around 30-45 minutes to do. Most of …

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Vital Travelling Tips Each Spouse and children Need to Know

Security is a person of the most important issues that you really should remember when travelling. It is a excellent mixture of widespread sense and technological know-how today. Possessing the proper resources that will assistance you delight in a exciting and harmless excursion, specifically abroad, as a relatives and being conscious tends to make every vacation a memorable encounter.

Pack evenly but entirely

When travelling, apparel, sunblock and toiletries are not the only products that really should be on your listing. You will need to pack crisis medicines for the young children as well as you, phones, chargers and a several toys to retain the young children entertained when travelling.

Travelling by motor vehicle may perhaps enable you to carry a lot of stuff on your trunk, travelling on a airplane might require you to have various baggage helpful for you and your youngsters. You can also pack a handful of snacks, specifically when travelling by motor vehicle so that you and your young children would not conclude up hungry in situation you do not come across a cafe on the route to your spot.

Income matters

It is not a fantastic thought to carry a big sum of funds specifically when cellular. Have at minimum a person credit card with you or a debit motor vehicle if possible to be ready that you are safeguarded from theft. In the function that your wallet or card is stolen, you can very easily phone your lender and have it blocked. Insist that your young children have cash in their pockets as well in situation they roam all over without the need of you. Retain your cards and pins divided from your wallet and funds just to be harmless.

Retain in touch

Make confident that you buddy, a neighbor or your mother …

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What Are Non Prescription Glasses?

The first time most of us come into contact with eyeglasses is either because we started getting headaches at college and went to see an optician; or simply because we wanted to look cool on vacation, and bought our first pair of decent sunglasses. If you have great eyesight, and do not need corrective lenses, then you may already be aware that your sunglasses fit into the category called non prescription glasses.

However, when searching online or in the stores for non prescription glasses, you need to realise that there are two, almost opposing, definitions. They are explained in the remainder of this article.

Non Prescription Fashion Glasses

These glasses – and sunglasses are an example – are worn purely for fashion, or have a purpose other than to correct vision defects. For example, to protect our eyes from bright sunlight and ultraviolet rays. Sunglasses have always had a part to play in fashion, and been worn by people who want to look cool. However, a new trend has emerged over the last few years, started by “ordinary folk” and rapidly embraced by celebrities including Cate Blanchett and Helena Christensen – the style of geek chic.

The new geek chic style has seen the re-emergence of big chunky glasses rather than discreet thin-framed or rimless ones – think Buddy Holly and you’ll be in the right ballpark. The lenses themselves are completely fake, just plastic with no corrective properties.

Despite the misgivings of “real” eyeglasses wearers, who years ago were probably teased mercilessly because of their specs, the fashion for non prescription, non correcting glasses has grown quickly. Some stores have even reported teenagers spending a lot of cash on glasses, only to pop out the lenses as they leave the store!

The reasons for wearing such fake glasses include, …

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Essential Tips When Traveling With Kids

For sure time would really be worth especially when it is spent with the persons dear to your heart and sometimes there's no better way to do it other than to travel in the place of your choice.

However there are some important things that need to be considered when traveling with kids. Though there would be no place for boredom with kids around, we can not stay away from the fact that there are some measures that should never be disregarded especially in the presence of the little ones.

• Never let them keep their passports if you are not really in with the idea of ​​dealing with lost documents.

• Never understimate the power of their favorite toy. This will keep them busy while needing to stay put in a certain place.

• Bring snacks and water for them. Some places offer foods that may not suit a child's palate and this is definitely a better option than deal with a child's tantrums all through your vacation.

• Always bring the medication that your child commonly used. There is a great chance for acquiring allergies and other diseases so it would be best to at least be prepared in order to avoid getting your vacation totally spoiled.

• Choose a corporate apartment in Jacksonville, Florida that would provide sufficient space for the entire family. A furnished corporate housing will provide you with the necessary amenities that will make you feel like you did not really left your home. Furnished corporate apartments are definitely the better choice for traveling families with kids in order to get the same familiar comfort after an exhausting day without getting into so many worries.

Children never failed to exhibit life and excuse and for sure vacations will never be the same without them. …

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Booking Flights And Saving Money

After planning your vacation, holiday or trip, you book your flight and then look forward to the travel date. If you are a wise traveler, then you definitely want to save some money as you travel, but still enjoy the best services possible. Flight comfort is very important and you definitely want to look at the quality you will get from the airline that you fly. Fortunately, there are so many ways to book good flights and still save money and some of the best tips for travelers are highlighted below.

Plan your travel during off season – This may be a very convenient method of saving money if your type of holiday is not affected directly by the season. When you go against the crowds you definitely enjoy cheaper airfare and you end up getting to the destination cheap. Understand your destination and know when peak and off peak seasons are and plan your trip accordingly to save some money while at it.

Consider using smaller airlines – Major airlines are very popular and even with high airfares they still get customers through. Smaller airlines that are still trying to make a name in the travel industry have a tendency of offering cheaper flights and you can consider a few of them to get to your destination without spending too much on it. New airlines also offer discounted flights and you can take advantage of the offers to save you some money as you travel to your preferred destination.

Choose flights that have layovers – They are much cheaper compared to express flights to the destination. The layovers might mean longer flying hours to where you are going, but you are definitely going to save some money by sacrificing a little of your time. You should always always check …

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