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Travel to Redon on French Boat Trips

When you are considering where to visit as part of your canal boat holidays, there are many areas of France that stand out as a good choice. The rivers and canals that criss-cross the country give you plenty of options when it comes to France boating holidays, but Brittany in particular is a popular spot. Boasting a beautiful coastline and many sedate waterways, you are bound to find the ideal place to while away the hours during your boat holidays. If you are new to boating, then Brittany could prove a sensible choice, as its waterways are quiet and do not pose too many challenges.

On the other hand, if you are experienced when it comes to sailing a vessel then you may find the slow pace of the French region is just what you need to relax during your holiday. Brittany is home to more than 600 km of canals and rivers so you are certain to find somewhere that suits you.

But with so many places to choose from, you may need some help in narrowing down your boating holiday itinerary. One town that you should certainly take the time to visit is Redon. Boasting history, culture and of course the food for which the region is famous, it is a great place to kick back and relax for a few days. Redon has been described as the little Venice of Brittany because so many canals and waterways flow through the town. It is located where two rivers – the Oust and Vilaine – converge with the Nantes-Brest canal. Like its Italian namesake, Redon is home to a number of historic attractions which you should be sure to explore during your boating holiday. And because it is located in Brittany, you will find that there is lots on …

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Once in a Lifetime Fly Fishing on the Cimarron River

Two of my favorite New Mexico rivers to fish are the San Juan River and Cimarron River. This story is about the Cimarron. The Cimarron River is in Northeast New Mexico and emanates out of Eagle Nest Lake. Located on the eastern edge of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, this dry fly gem flows eastward through Cimarron Canyon State Park along US Hwy 64. After flowing into several other rivers this water ultimately reaches the Mississippi River. New Mexico Game and Fish estimates nearly 4,000 catchable sized wild browns per mile, this is unquestionably the healthiest wild brown trout fishery in the state and one of the healthiest in the southern Rocky Mountains. Most of the wild browns are 10-14 inches with the occasional big boy. This fishery is not well known but can still get a little crowded close to the roads during mid summer.

I can easily get to the Cimarron within a one-day hard drive from my Fly Shop near Tyler, Texas and be fishing late that afternoon or early the next morning. The high mountain scenery is beautiful and the fishing is great.

My story begins in the middle of June 2002. During June, the stonefly hatch is in full swing on the Cimarron and big browns will eagerly attack a size 14 or 16 Stimulator with regularity. This is my favorite time of year to fish this river. This is dry fly fishing at its best.

Unfortunately, if you remember, this was during the time wild fires were engulfing many parts of New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona. The Cimarron Canyon State Park was surrounded by a couple of such fires.

I arrived at the Pine Ridge Hotel, only about a mile from quality fishing water, late Monday evening. This is a quaint little four-room hotel …

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