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Athens in Greece

The ancient history of Athens goes back to more than 5,000 years ago. In the 8th century BC, Athens became the capital of the unified kingdom of Attica. Although most of the houses were made out of mud and straw and the streets were not paved, it was the first place in the world to know and make use of Democracy by the Cleisthenes in the 5th century BC. The city was also an important center for theater and the arts. This ancient history and cultural impact attract several travelers to spend a vacation in Greece.

There is the Kerameikos for example that is usually missed by many tourists who travel to Greece. This ancient site was the center of the production of ceramics in ancient Athens. However, afterwards, the area became an important ancient burial site that dates back to the 5th century BC.

Another important historical site in Greece would be Agora as it was the commercial heart of the city for more than 500 years from the 2nd century BC till the 3rd century AD. This was where tradesmen bought salt, oil, wheat, and many other produce to sell them during ancient times. This historical site also hosts a number of temples and many ancient structures.

One can explore the Temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens for example. One of the largest and most impressive ancient times of the country, this huge building was completed over a period that extended for more than 7 centuries from the 5th century BC till the 2nd century AD. However, the only remaining section of this once glorious temple is 15 huge marble columns.

Dating back to the 4th century BC, the Erechtheum is an additional notable historical site of Athens that is sometimes included in travel packages to Greece. This …

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Brighton: Best for a Fun-Filled Vacation With Great Culinary Experience

Brighton, the beautiful seafront city in England is simply wonderful with vibrant culture, night life, and eclectic food. This small city was architecture very beautifully in the time of Prince Regent. You can still discover this historical architecture living in the city. This city has not only have beaches, marina, and peer to visit, but has the historical beauty to explore. You can also enjoy the water activities with friends and family.

A beer glass, beach relaxation, nightlife, music, and mouth-watering food- this is all about the Brighton. Restaurants in Brighton are specially famous around the world to offer tourists worldwide varieties of food. Visitors don’t need to go at a specific region to taste the native food. All can be found in this seafront city which is crowded with hundreds of restaurants, pubs, and caf├ęs.

You can admire the beauty of Royal Pavilion here and can also explore the history and culture more closely visiting Brighton Museum and Art Gallery. On the other side, you have several scenic places to traverse here, including Brighton Peer, Madeira Drive, Brighton Wheel, etc.

The beaches of this city have the quality to lure tourists for a fun-filled weekend. You can spend a full day and night enjoying several activities and events organized here almost every day. A leisure walk across the beach simply makes your day when you are with your partner. You can see the movie on the beach side at the open theater with a beer bottle and some fish & chips. You can also find several eateries on the seafront to offer you varieties of food from expensive to affordable. Seafood will definitely make you greedy to taste it once.

If you are thinking to do some shopping, then you should move your feet in the direction of north …

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