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Point of Sale (POS) System – Customized For Your Business Needs

Point of sale (POS) systems are used by hundreds of businesses in order to streamline the purchasing process as well as track the various financial and inventory data that relates to the sales made. Although the general concept behind each system is virtually the same, different industries can purchase POS systems that are tailor made for their needs. Think of it is a delivery service: A bike delivery would work fine for a local newspaper, but UPS would have to shut down if it did not have delivery trucks. The same concept applies to POS sale systems used in retail stores, restaurants, and hotels. Each specific industry can benefit from a system that is designed for their specific needs.

Retail POS systems are specialized at quick and easy one time sales. The items stored in their database are well defined, and although there can be many colors or sizes offered for one item, there is not very much variation in the product. If one person buys a black jacket, although the jacket comes in blue, all the people who buy the black on are still getting the same item. This is why retail POS systems are the simplest in nature. In regards to the sale process, all they need is to pull up an item's information from inventory and remove it upon purchase. Of course, this is just in reference the the sales aspect of the system; there are still complex inventory control settings and sales efficiency metrics that that can be used, but in terms of making a sale, the retail system is the most simplistic.

Restaurant and Hotel POS need to be a little more complex due to the nature of their product. For example: A fast food restaurant has numerous combinations of each item; the POS system …

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Tourist Guides – Let Clients Find You on the Internet

Why is internet critical to business of a tourist guide? Because most people begin their travel planning online, looking for flights, accommodation, travel insurance, destination review, AND tourist guides. According to the Travel Trust Index Report 2008, 78% of the Americans use the web to make travel decisions and 68% trust the web for travel related advice.

How to let your clients find you on the internet? Here are some suggestions.

Get an email address. This may sound too obvious to miss. But the basic way to promote your business online is allowing your clients to contact by email. Email is instant, convenient and free, especially for overseas clients who are making their initial inquiries. It saves them the trouble of time difference or phone costs. When a client emails you, he or she is probably interested in your guiding service. Congratulations! But be careful of the email delivery. Some mail servers are strong in anti-spam, sometimes too strong for a tourist guide. Prospect clients, in most cases, are strangers. So make sure you do not miss any client request in your junk folder or bounced back by your email server. It is better to choose good global suppliers or big local service providers.

Display on a web page. Present your personal information and service on a web page. This is not your own website. It refers to other websites that allow people to create a personal profile page. Your clients may find your page via online search or by referral of friends. It helps to build up trust before further communication. Do pay attention to the relevancy of website where you display your service. You do not expect people look for tourist guides from a website of IT experts, right? Try searching for websites of tourist guides, local guides …

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