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Vacation in Iowa

Winter is a part of life in Iowa and they feature a variety of outdoor and indoor events to suit your travel and sightseeing needs. From winter sports to indoor pursuits there are a wide variety of things to see and do in February. The month kicks off with Bald Eagle Appreciation Day in Prairie du Chien. Bald Eagle Appreciation Day offers outdoor viewing of the bald eagles through scopes as well as bald eagle programs, eagle and raptor exhibits, children's activities, eagle nest replicas and eagle artwork by local children and artists.

There are also birding experts available to answer any and all questions. Prairie du Chien is located along the banks of the Upper Mississippi River. The area is home to the largest concentration of wintering bald eagles in the lower 48 states. They are believed to host more bald eagles than any other refuge in the states, except Alaska. There are 100 active bald eagle nests with approximately 79 eaglets were produced. This is a huge difference from years past as in 1972 there was only one known eagle nest in the whole Upper Mississippi River Refuge.

The birthplace of John Wayne is located in Winterset, Iowa in Madison County. Stay warm while visiting this cute little home and learning about one of America's favorite movie stars. John Wayne was a legendary actor and just the mention of his name brings to mind an old cowboy with courage and, of course, True Grit. The home is a modest four-bedroom home that has been restored to its original 1907 appearance. There are hundreds of rare photographs as well as personal letters on display from Lucille Ball, Maureen O'Hara, Kirk Douglas, Bob Hope, Gene Autry, Ronald Reagan and George Burns. You can also see movie artifacts such as the …

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9 Hot Tips on Making Disney World More Affordable

If you have a plan to visit Disney World and regardless of whether you wish to make this a holiday for you and the kids of a life time or it's a regular place to visit, it's great when you know how to cut some costs and keep some Of that hard earned money in your own pocket. Here are a few tips to help you out.

* The Disney Rewards Credit Card. Having this credit card will make Disney purchases that much lighter on your wallet because every time you spend – be that on general groceries, gasoline, or whatever, you will accumulate Disney points. The points can then be used for Disney merchandise, Disneyland hotels, Disney restaurants, theme park tickets and more besides.

* Try to visit off-peak. If you can get there when most of the kids are back to school then not only can you take advantage of cheaper than average prices but you no doubt will save a lot of time too.

* Get hold of an annual pass. An annual pass will help to lower the cost of access to the theme park and also reduces the cost of some theme park rides, so if you are a regular regular visitor its well worth having one of these.

* When is your birthday? If you are to register your birthday on the Disneyland Website you will be able to take advantage of a free one day pass. This pass will be delivered to you when you first register and even if you are able to make it to Disney World on that particular day, it would make a lovely gift for someone close to you.

* Relax in a Disney World hotel. This may seem like its going to be more expensive than if …

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