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What I Know And Remember About Baseball – The Sweet Spot

A baseball ball bat sweet spot is the exact point where you can smack the ball as hard as you like and all you feel is the rush of the swing and the sound through your ears. There has been a lot said about exactly where this spot lies on the bat. But truth be known, it's a different location on every bat.

Variations between wood, metal and composites can shift the spot dramatically. Width of the spot can also change. Manufactured materials seem to have a better consistency in the spot where wood can vary wildly from bat to bat; Even when turned on the same lath from the same stock.

The importance of not only locating but being able to consistently strike the baseball with that portion of the bat has two basic advantages. 1 when all the parts of the swing are aligned the sweet spot allows the maximum transfer of all that energy your collected up from your feet through your body. 2 it delivers a near painless vibration back through the batters hands.

Not only does mis-striking or being off spot dramatically reduce the energy transfer and subsequently how far the ball will travel, but it really can hurt.

So much thought has gone into the location and exploitation of the spot that even hard core physics gurus continue to study it. Http://www.physics.usyd.edu.au/~cross/baseball.html is just one place where they publish some pretty interesting things. I particularly like the graph of what a bat does during the process of the swing and contact. If you really want to spend a few weeks brushing up on the bio-mechanics of baseball http://webusers.npl.uiuc.edu/~a-nathan/pob/ has a bevy of links and references to keep your eyes blood shot For days.

Back to the matter at hand. How do you find the …

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