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Travel to Istanbul

Istanbul is a wonderful town with abundant and ancient history. It is the money of Turkey and there are many locations worth a stop by.

Your travel to Istanbul will give you the option to see the Sultan Ahmed Mosque or the so-named Blue Mosque. The to start with issue that impresses us when we reach this mosque is the truth that it is the only mosque in the environment with six minarets, 4 of which contain three, and the remaining two have two balconies to the minaret, from the place the Hoca named the faithful to pray. According to the legend, the architect did not recognize the drive of the Sultan and as an alternative of developing gold minarets, he crafted a mosque with minarets. When the construction ended, the sultan had to include a seventh minaret to the mosque in Mecca, which also had six minarets, in get to restore its spiritual superiority. The mosque is surrounded by a few significant yards with stonewalls and gates. Three huge doorways direct to the interior yard, lined with marble. In the center of the courtyard you will see hexagonal sadirvan (a fountain for ritual ceremonies) surrounded by six marble columns.

Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul is Located opposite Hagia Sophia, both buildings appear to be to contend in elegance and grandeur. The name of the latter will come from Latin and indicates “divine wisdom”. All through your travel there, you will detect “Hippodrome” square or “Sultan Ahmed” which is positioned between Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. The historic monuments crafted on the square are amongst the most vital sights in the town. The construction of the square began straight away just after the capture of the town by the Romans in the reign of Emperor Septimius Severus. It is …

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