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Schedule Slippage – Root Causes

“The single most important task of a project: setting realistic expectations. Unrealistic expectations based on inaccurate estimates are the single largest cause of software failure.”- Futrell, Shafer


With global and competitive market, it is very important to launch a product or service in the market on time, ahead of competitors. Definitely, timely launch depends on on-time-completion of the product development projects. Project planning has lots of challenges to overcome in order to finish the project on time – right from schedule predictability, envisioning future/possible risks and coming up with mitigation plans.

This article talks about some of the challenges, often faced in the Software Product Development industry that causes the schedule slippage.

Schedule slippage: Delay in the project completion from its initial estimated date of completion.

Each project plan will have a planned completion date (NRA, RA), and a bounding box or upper limit in schedule. Nowadays, it is a common practice to have three dates associated with any project plan:

  • Non-Risk Adjusted (NRA) date: Project completion date assuming no hurdles – Ideal conditions.
  • Risk Adjusted (RA) date: Project completion date assuming some risks will come on the way and will need extra time to attend to them.
  • Bounding Box (BB) or upper limit: The upper limit on the project plan before which the project has to be finished under any circumstances – Generally decided by the top management based on product/services roadmap and launch in the market.

Under ideal circumstances, any project is scheduled to complete by NRA date. Considering some risks that may come on the way and would eat some time off the schedule, the project should be over by RA date. If the risks were not envisioned and hence not planned well, then project may get delayed and would complete after RA date. Project completion …

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Travel to Europe – Exploring Scandinavia

The different cultural background that we can find in Europe makes it a very tricky choice to get to know which places we want to visit. In this article I will speak about the region called Scandinavia, or the Nordics, as to help you decide on your route by providing the details on what you can expect from traveling to this area. We consider the Nordics to be Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.

Scandinavia is totally a world apart. The main things that happen in Europe happen up there in a different way, and normally before they arrive in Europe. Even if the population of the 4 countries together does not even sum up to the population in Spain, the economic strength of those 4 countries has always been incredible.

The past they share is completely Viking, to say it in a polite world. One of the most developed and respectful communities nowadays used to be some of the most barbarians in the whole continent. When the Vikings arrived sailing upstream through the rivers with their Drakkars, they set all cities on fire, raped women and killed everything that was breathing in there.

Nowadays, a walk through the streets in Stockholm, Sweden, gives you the most relaxing atmosphere you can ever feel. The main difference the Nordic region has is simply this spirit. Peace and quiet, capital cities that are much more like towns that have grown a bit too much to be considered simply towns. The most pure air in the whole Europe can be found here, so breath deeply and you will feel rejuvenating energy inside.

Some of the most educated and respectful population can be found here too, and if you take a look around everything will be clean and tidy. There are, anyway, differences, specially due …

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