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Travel By Cruise Ship

Traveling by any means can be exciting, depending on a person’s state of mind. To diminish the stress of your trip, a person needs to think ahead. A wise start would be to start packing at least two weeks before your departure. Some people begin packing as early as a month before they travel!

You need to think of everything that you would need to bring on your trip, making sure not to over-pack! You know, the stuff that you just engage temporarily if for only a moment? That would be like taking your medication, what about taking care of your personal effects, like shaving or waxing cream, (if that’s your preference). Hair appliances, curling irons or rollers, scarves to tie your hair up at night, if you so choose. Be mindful of what you are able to take on a plane, liquids must be measured,.3 ozs. These rules need to be looked up on your flight information.

Are you going to get Dressed-to-the-Nines for the up-coming Captain’s Dinner? Oh wait! Depending on how long you will be cruising, you may need an extra formal set of attire. A five-day cruise, you need only one form of formal wear. Plan on being gone longer? A seven-day cruise may require two formal nights of dining, where as a three-week cruise you may need to dress formally three or more times. The first night would be dinner with the captain. Dining with the Captain is a great honor.

Perhaps you’re not interested in all of that fan fare. There are other restaurants that you may enjoy. There can be an international restaurant, or any of the specialty restaurants throughout the ship. There are also casual dining areas, such as buffets. What ever suits your taste!

Did you know that there is a …

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