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Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in a Condominium

Living in a condominium seems to be a good choice for people who like to be in the heart of the city. For many it is better than living in an apartment. Condominium living has so many great things to offer than an apartment. But let me tell you now, before you finally make a purchase, that living in a condominium is different from living in a single family home unit. This is mostly because of its particularities.

• Condominiums are located in the cities and when living in a condominium, you own the space between the walls of your unit and share ownership of the common areas with other owners, but you do not own the land where the building is built. You just share an interest in it with your neighbors.

• Most people who live in condominiums own their spaces. Therefore, you can have long term neighbors and build relationships with them, but you also have to share walls and common areas with them. If you are not a very social person, this could become a problem for you.

• Condominiums offer better security than apartments. Condominium buildings often have security features, be they buzzers or a guard service. Plus, you find it easy to leave the place for a trip or vacation knowing that you’ve got neighbors whom you are familiar with. The thing that you might find a problem is the sharing of amnesties with your neighbors and whenever there’s a association meeting, as a part of the community you have to show up, attain, and coordinate.

• Living in a condominium could be less expensive than living in an apartment, but with the maintenance and repair of the common areas, your monthly pay could go upward. You will be charge with the swimming pool …

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Bardenas Reales – The Old ‘American West’ in Spain

Located in the Navarra region of Spain, the Bardenas Reales is stark, rugged and dry and looks very much like the old wild American West.

This semi-desert region is in the southeast of Navarra, close to the border with Aragon and right in the heart of the Ebro Valley. Exploring the scenery, with its amazing natural structures, you would be forgiven for expecting a couple of cowboys to come riding up on the plain.

These natural and fascinating structures are caused by the erosion of clay, chalk and sandstone to form almost lunar scenes, with plateaus, gullies and hills and the occasional really strange, stand-alone shape. These unusual scenes have inspired writers and painters in the past, and the Bardenas Reales natural park has been used as a backdrop for several Spanish films, music videos and television adverts.

The Bardenas Reales natural park covers an area of 42,500 hectares and has been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. There are various hiking and cycling routes, clearly marked and accessible throughout the park and the area can be crossed on foot, horseback or bicycle, or more comfortably by car. The only exceptions are the best viewpoints in the park, namely the “Alto de Aguilares” and the “Balc√≥n de Pilatos,” which are accessible only by bicycle or on foot.

As for somewhere to stay, the city of Tudela is the most convenient stopping off point and is a very charming place to visit and sleep over. The park is easily accessed via the NA-134 road, which runs from Tudela to Arguedas. The city is interesting by itself, and is known as the capital of the “Ribera Navarra.” Tudela has several historic sites and buildings, dating back to its occupation by the Romans and the Celt-Iberians in the distant past.

Of interest to …

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