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What To Bring On Vacation Do's and Dont's

Does this remind you of anyone you know?

Having travel bags all packed and ready to go for the long hour drive to the vacation spot, spending some time beforehand pointing to friends and family of the upcoming event letting them know of the adventure awaiting, double checking or even triple checking pockets, luggage, You name it, ensuring nothing is left undone before getting to the door all done in a rush to catch the flight or shuttle to the destination in time.

I will admit to having the bad habit of doing everything just mentioned at the last minute, so to avoid a mishap as much as humanly possible I keep a list I've dubbed What to Bring on Vacation – Do's and Don'ts that helps me Plan for every vacation retreat that I've gone on.

As you may have guessed by the name alone, My What to Bring on Vacation – Do's and Don'ts list summarizes what I should and should not bring on vacation, ideal for anyone with little time to spare in preparation for the trip. Feel free to use a few tips for yourself from the list below next time you plan your next trip.

What To Bring on Vacation – Do's and Don'ts

Do's –

Copies of Important Documents – Have all your passports, driver's license, social security and other documents copied stored in a lockable baggage compartment, make sure the copies are clearly visible and readable for others to identify you last thing you want is to present poor quality pics Of yourself to foreign authorities if left with no other means as proof.

A List of Contacts Near the Vacation Spot – This item requires a bit of research before the trip, setting up hotel bookings for a place to stay or …

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