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Tips For Maintaining A Boat Used In Salt Water

Nothing is worse than getting excited to go out on your boat and it doesn’t start. If you already brought your boat to the dock, you may be extra heated at that moment. To keep these moments from happening, it is essential to keep your boat properly maintained. Below are some of the top tips to take into consideration for maintaining a saltwater boat. When you need to purchase replacement parts, consider a reputable online seller of replacement marine parts, like the one found at www.mmimarine.com.

Visual Engine Inspection

It is important to routinely inspect your full engine regularly. This includes the outboard, inboard and sterndrive. Check your oil levels to see if they are low. If you find there is no oil, it could mean problems are starting to happen. Every 55-100 boating hours, it is time to complete a full oil change to keep the engine running properly. During visual inspection, look for leaks, corrosion and wear on the hoses.

Flush Engine After Each Boat Trip

Another great maintenance tip to consider is flushing your boat’s engine after each outing. Whether you take your boat out in freshwater or out in the ocean, it should be flushed with fresh water after each trip. This can help to prevent deposits and salt crystals from remaining and damaging the internal components of your engine. It will also prevent mud and sand from damaging parts as well.

Regularly Check Prop

Your boat’s ability to function is dependent on your prop. Always check for nicks, dings and blades that are bent. Inspect the prop hub and shaft for debris and fishing lines. This is also the perfect moment to make sure your water intake is clear and clean. Additionally, check to ensure your prop is greased and lubed.
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