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Tips to Party in Rio Next New Years Eve

Life is about choices. No? The choice you make on where you’ll spend next New Year’s Eve is up to you. You could make the choice to stay at home and watch Ryan Seacrest on television or actually be at one of those parties you’re watching. If you’re into living a life filled with unbelievable experiences, then Rio during New Year’s Eve is definitely for you. However, there are some challenges with getting to be a part of this bigger than life experience. If you don’t book air and hotel 8-10 months in advance then it’ s probably not going to happen. Imagine, 3 million people gathering from all over the globe, all on the beach at the same time to party. It’s pretty nuts and really hard to score a cool hotel and decent air that doesn’t route you through Zimbabwe. Here are my tips on how to make it happen. Did I mention book early?


I’m definitely a bit of a pain in the but when it comes to hotels. The only place I would recommend is the new Fasano Hotel. It’s an outstanding hotel. I should mention that the Fasano is located in Ipanema and not in Copacabana (where the New Year’s Eve fireworks are). For my money it’s still the place to stay. Speaking of money, it will definitely cost you to stay there for New Years’ Eve. Plan on (pre-paying 6 months in advance) about $1,200 per night for the New Year’s Eve package (the 3 days surrounding New Year’s). The other nights are about half that. I know it’s stupid expensive, but it’s worth it…

The Week Leading Up To New Year’s Eve

Depending on when you arrive (I recommend arriving the day after xmas) you’ll notice a daily palpable increase in excitement …

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