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What is Astral Travel?

Astral Travel is a little something that I get a ton of inquiries about with no men and women being aware of what it is. I have a ton of men and women email me and request me about dreaming and experience a black mass or cloud about them. A thing that is holding them down, or they are paralyzed and can not scream or transfer. Listed here are the most frequent terrifying occurrences when dreaming or sleeping:

1) Some kind of black mass or cloud is current. A thing or someone darkish in the area.
two) Not getting capable to transfer, yell or make any sound.
three) Feeling heavy on the chest, like there is a excess weight on them. Or experience like they are getting held down.
four) Feeling like someone is shaking the bed or them.

This is a consequence of astral touring, when your spirit leaves your body for a brief time when you are asleep. This appears odd and just as terrifying, nonetheless everyone does it on an average of 3 times a 7 days. You are constantly connected to your body so you will not get lost! Folks commonly do not keep in mind doing this, so it is not commonly a difficulty. When you wake up through the time that you are exiting or moving into your body this is when these items occur. I individually do not like this at all and I have a big inclination to wake up through this time particularly when I am napping.

So much so that I stopped napping! A person time when I was astral touring early in the morning I was exterior my property. We lived on about 7 acres and I was in the field and believed what am I doing out here? …

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Take a Little Internet Vacation

So I just came back from a little 'Internet Vacation', and by internet vacation, I mean, I was harshly, brutally, removed from my precious internet connection, and all the joys and woes that brings me, when my modem went out, And could not be reconnected to the internet, no matter how hard I tried to make it connect. Ugh. I know, I felt sorry for me, too! It was awful, at first, like coming off crack, or something (I'm kidding … who can afford crack cocaine, these days ?? hahahaha!) … I thought I was gonna lose my mind, I was so Frantic about trying to make the modem work, again. Also, I was not completely sure which box was the modem – hahahaha! Everyone makes the happy assumption that since I have these huge websites online, that sure I must know at least the bottom line basics of the computer, but, nope! I do not. Sometimes I think I do, but I always like to have a whole lot of clarification to make sure what I think is right, is in fact in any way correct … is a slight problem for me, as you might well imagine! Haha!

The first two days were definitely the worst … I was going back and forth to my local Time Warner office, to get a new modem, but I have all three things set up through Time Warner .. my phone, my TV cable ( Which I did not want to jeopardize, fer sures, since it turns out I'm waaay more addicted to my favorite Cable TV shows (and I NEED every one of my 1,000 channels – they're important to me, I need to see What all is on that I do not want to watch … but I also …

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