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Language School Nightmares And How to Avoid Them

Students rarely put goals in their mind when they want to choose a language school. Student wants should be a substitute for

Someone else's wants when it comes to planning objectives. Whether you want to learn to speak Spanish or Chinese, course flexibility to achieve yours

Goals equals success or failure.

Any student should ask themselves what are

The goals they would like to achieve. What outcomes will their studies secure, are they to pass an examination or to have oral skills to

Negotiate in business? Do they need the language to talk to new friends from a non-English-speaking country or are they intending to

Travel independently in a particular region or country? Will the school really help them secure their ambitions? The old saying make your

Own plans or you will fit into someone else's plan, is the most relevant when it comes to language learning goals.

Review and recall are the issues that should be

Associated with how long the course is. If a student is thinking of taking a course that is fewer than three months, I would

Describe that as an intensive course. A course that does not allow a review of material beyond three months is a course that is at risk of

Letting a student forget much of what is learnt. The physical course materials that she or he takes away from the course after it

Has finished are especially important if the course lasted fewer than three months.

What's the magic about three months I hear you ask?

Well no magic because according to language specialists like Dr Pimsleur, we need to review what we have learnt over gradually longer and

Longer periods of time if we are going to avoid forgetting what we have learnt. Students may not get the maximum value …

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