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Professional Interior Photographer Shares the Advantages of Electronic Flash Lighting Systems

Fine lighting for architectural photography and interior photography makes a huge difference in the effectiveness of the architectural photograph, whether it be for commercial photography to advertise an architectural or interior product; hotel/resort photography to advertise the hospitality market; interior design photography for the interior designer, or Architectural photography for the architect or builder. In today’s competitive market place, architects, interior designers and the hospitality industry are all in need of a good interior photographer to make their projects stand out from the crowd.

The ubiquitous trend in interior photography recently (since the digital age) is to use little or no lighting and to rely mostly, if not exclusively, on the ambient light (natural existing light) combining the exposures in HDR software or PhotoShop layers. This technique, although popular and easy, results in a flat and uninteresting look that lacks drama and interest, therefore, presenting a very common or even banal appearance. No software technique can replace the beauty of fine lighting in interior photography; interesting lighting can only be achieved through the use of supplemental lights. A good interior photographer doesn’t light just because of technical requirements, because that is seldom the case these days, but rather lights to create beautiful interior photographs with life, style, drama and excitement.

Lighting for interiors is a complicated issue; it is indeed an art in itself. When photographing interiors, the interior photographer must be able to control the effect of the existing light and balance it to the ambient light as well as the other brighter light sources, and for this, a high powered flash lighting system offers the most flexibility and control.

A flash system enables one to balance the exposure range with the existing light, whether it be for residential interior photography, hotel photography, commercial photography or a large industrial …

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