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Guide to the 8 Beaches on Hermit Island

Hermit Island is an island campground situated in Small Point, Maine. All the 8 beaches are open for camping. While camping on Hermit Island, you can carry out activities like hiking and boating. The following are the 8 beaches on Hermit Island.

1. Sand Dune Beach
Sand Dune Beach is the main beach on the Hermit Island. It gets its name from the large rolling dunes on the beach. It may be the busiest beach but it is never crowded. On this beach, you can also rent kayaks at the Seaspray Kayaks rental shop. All the facilities on the campground are well maintained. It is nearby to attractions like Fort Popham and Popham Beach State Park.

2. Sailboat Beach
Sailboat Beach is a beach with a lot of tide pools on Hermit Island. One part of the beach is a sandy beach while the other part has a rocky terrain. You can reach Sailboat beach by hiking along the walking trail or driving along the narrow road on Island Road. There are amenities such as portable toilets, big car park, paved area for picnic and fire pit.

3. West Dune Beach
West Dune Beach is adjoined to the Sand Dune Beach and is only separated by a border of rocks. It is located west to the main campground. If you like climbing rock and watching sunset, you can come to West Dune Beach. Most travelers arrive by traveling the narrow road in between sites 64 and 65.

4. Sand Dollar Beach
Sand Dollar Beach gets its name from the sand dollar urchins that are frequently washed up the shore. Sand Dollar Beach is the second largest beach on Hermit Island. You can pick the sand dollars and take home as souvenirs. If you can’t find one, you can buy

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The Benefits of Morning Rituals

For years my father swore up and down that he was not a morning person. He is a physician and owns his own practice, and felt that through all his hard work and years of service he had earned the right to set his own hours. True, no one can deny that, but with age it become more difficult for him to keep up with such an odd schedule. Despite sleeping a decent amount he felt tired and groggy during the afternoons, he was irritable and began to resent his work.

After an overseas vacation, he came home jet-lagged and found himself getting up at 5:00am. Since he had nothing to do that early in the morning, he started to utilize that time and turn it into something productive. So every morning he would walk to the gym and exercise for one hour. After he got back, he had a light breakfast and some coffee and completed the days paperwork. Suddenly he found the bulk of his work was done before his day even started, and all he had to do was go to the office and see a few patients.

I noticed a significant decrease in his tension and he became much happier and more cheerful, much more easy-going. One day he came to me and said “now I know why you exercise in the morning. I feel so much stronger and younger even just after a couple of weeks. I feel like I’ve been reborn.” That level of enthusiasm was astounding to me, especially since I had grown accustomed to seeing him in a rather miserable state.

Why did it take him so long to discover the negative effects of his previous routine? Why in fact do so many of us start our days unproductively, anxiously and in …

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