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Cruising For Seniors

Above all else, travelers who decide to go on a senior cruise are looking for enjoyment and relaxation. While some seniors may have physical ailments, most are fit and healthy, and desire to fully enjoy on-board activities, and explore interesting destinations while on their vacation cruise. Therefore, cruises that offer a variety of engaging activities, and have pleasurable on board amenities, are the ideal. Free from the trappings of jobs and parental responsibilities, seniors simply want to travel, have fun, and be pampered at the same time.

Before booking your senior cruise, it is advisable to check with the cruise line regarding the range of daytime activities, nightly entertainment, and dining options to ensure that they are suitable. Some of the more popular cruise lines are Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Princess, and Holland America.

Some cruise lines, like Holland America tend to attract a more mature crowd. More and more seniors are viewing cruises as a viable vacation option, as they get to see multiple destinations at an affordable price with less hassle than traveling by plane and staying in hotels.

During the day, seniors can enjoy sporting activities such as swimming, tennis, or golfing. For those in search of a good workout, the on-board gym facilities can meet that need. Some seniors are also looking for other alternatives, therefore some cruise lines offer stimulating teaching classes in diverse areas such as language, cooking, dancing, wine tasting, art, and music.

Other daytime activities include varied shore excursions. This can range from sightseeing tours of cities in destinations like Alaska, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Europe, South America, Mexico, and many more. In warm climates, you can also enjoy water activities like snorkeling, and in addition, you can explore cultural landscapes, or enjoy some leisure shopping.

Seniors are also looking for a bit …

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