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The Situation for Condo Accommodations – Hotel Condos 2007

This paper intends to make a case for three essential details:

1. Authentic estate stats demonstrating nationwide appreciation figures are miscalculated and misleading, causing alarming response to fair current market appreciation in most scenarios.

2. The Little one Growth inhabitants is heading to need second residences, and is bigger than just US boomers.

three. The current market for condo hotel models and innovative forms of second / retirement home ownership is on the verge of a boom, not a bust.

I. The Bubble: Debunked

Our media has dramatized the total US serious estate current market as &#39overheated&#39, &#39bubble like&#39 and completely ready to crash at any minute. Even conservative economists issue out that there are only pockets of &#39froth&#39.

Authentic estate is NOT crimson hot all throughout The us. In actuality, lots of mature US serious estate markets are gentle, calculated in serious (inflation altered) terms they may perhaps even be declining in value. But media has a hard time producing a .three% home appreciation level in the industrial Midwest information, although 28% gains in at the time rural or underdeveloped spots of Arizona or Florida is exciting headline information.

Midwestern populations are migrating to sunny, Southern and Western States at increasing fees, by purchasing “long term residences”. The development is obvious, but silent, because lots of northerners are sustaining 2 residences for the time being. But will there be a mass exodus when the bulk of boomers retire? Is the serious story not the around heated markets of the south and resort / second home spots but instead the long term potential implosion of values ​​in the heart land? Is the bubble truly in the markets with lower appreciation fees?

What is an appreciation level, and who is measuring these stats? The National Association of Realtors, The Federal Residence …

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