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European Flight travel laws

In a flight never carry any of the items mentioned below

O Many flights do not allow to carry any kind of liquids or fluids including perfumes, hairspray, shampoos have been banned recently due to safety measures (please check with your air flight company)

O Under no situation carry drugs, heroine, brown sugar and any other kind of narcotics.

O Needless to mention although never carry any kind of compressed gas cylinders like oxygen, butane, and aqualung.

O Corrosives such as acids, alkalis, mercury and wet cell alkalis or fireworks, guns and flares

O Lighters, matches, magnetized materials, offensive irritating materials, medicines without prescriptions.
(There are few other items that are banned in certain countries that might even lead you to imprisonment so so extra careful not to break any rules and never forget to ask for a travel law copy from an agent)

Inside Countries Law

O If your flight is full and you want to quit it voluntarily always ask for better incentives if you feel you are not offered well.

O If your luggage is expensive and you want to declare a higher value then please do it at the time of check in so that the airline will become liable in case of loss.

O In Europe rules are very strict, so if you get to know that you have victimed 'bait and switch' that do not forget to file a complaint with the attorney general of the state. The results are much faster for a traveler because tourism is a big business for Europe and they do not want to lose on the tourists.

O The major car rental service provides free assistance if you have a flat tire so do not forget to contact your company in case you face one of these situations …

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