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Article 7: Christmas Gold in Tonopah, Nevada

Weather forecasts in Reno warned of a snowstorm down to 3500 feet beginning at noon on Saturday. I’d driven up the day before and was now checked out of my motel and waiting for my daughter, Heather, to take her math final at 2 p.m. before leaving on Christmas break from the University of Nevada-Reno. She and her college buddy, Brittany, would be heading back with me to Las Vegas for the holidays. We were crossing our fingers that the forecasts were wrong.

The temperature dropped and light flurries began. I went to the corner gas station for a cup of hot coffee. On my way into the store I spied a young college kid sitting Indian style on the cold pavement by the newsstands just outside the doors. He politely asked for any loose change I could spare. I gave him what I had–not much at all. Inside I was pouring my coffee into the cup when I overheard one of the employees say to the other, “There’s some kid outside. I’m going to tell him to move on.” I felt badly about their lack of sensitivity, especially in this cold weather. I redirected my attention to a sale rack of hats and gloves and grabbed a set for myself…purple for wisdom would do nicely, I thought.

I got in my car with strong desires to find more change for this young man. He was still there–evidently he’d come up with a reasonable excuse for being there and hadn’t been shooed away after all. I was relieved. But search as I may, I couldn’t find any more change in my purse or in the car. I know! I’ll pull some money for him from an ATM. Checked my watch. Yes, I’d have just enough time. I was off to …

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